Seruling Zen traditional Shakuhachi


  • A traditional Pentatonic KINKO ryu Madake bamboo flute with (1.8 feet)23.6 inch in Length .This shakuhachi is an end-blown flute tuned to a pentatonic (5-note) scale, has four finger holes along the front and one thumb hole behind. A bell is formed by the bamboo root stems at the end of the flute.
  • The mouthpiece is cut obliquely outward, and a small piece of oxhorn is inserted at the blowing edge in order to help produce the great variety of subtle tones typical of shakuhachi music.
  • An end blown root of the bamboo, its aesthetic is organic and simple. Hidden inside this rustic form , is a bore that is carefully crafted with the utmost precision. This instrument produces a sound that is said to replicate the full range of natural life on earth.
  • Body with natural speckles due to the growing under the natural rough circumstances of bamboo forest with sunshine and raining, The appearance of Shakuhachi flute might be little different from the photograph as shown due to each one was Hand-craffted ,with a soft leather cap by hand made carfully in case the mouthpiece of Shakuhachi be harmed from accident .
  • This is a professional flute , play all ocataves, good for any level player because I give you professional quality at an affordable price.
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